Feet and Inches Calculator


Answer: 26 ft 9 1/8 in

Using the Calculator

The Calculator may be used for simple imperial calculations of length. You may add, subtract, multiply or divide feet and inches. The calculator also supports fractions.

Feet and Inches Calculations

The feet should be entered as whole numbers and inches can be entered as either fractions or mixed numbers or a combination of both. The answer will be returned as a mix of fraction and a whole number, if a fraction exists in the answer.

General Rules
  • Enter feet as whole numbers only.
  • Enter inches as mixed numbers i.e. as whole numbers or fractions in the following formats:
    1. Mixed numbers may be written as 1 1/2 which is one and one half or 35 4/35 which is thirty five and four thirty-fifths.
    2. Keep exactly one space between the whole number and the fraction, e.g.
      Fractions as 2 3/4 which is two and three fourths or 8 3/100 which is eight and three one hundredredths.